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November 9, 2018

Thank You Grams

We will be exchanging Thank You Grams this year to promote being thankful for those around us. Below are the templates for primary and intermediate grams. Please allot time in the upcoming week to have students write their Thank You Grams. Students can begin exchanging the grams next Thursday at times that are appropriate for you and your instruction. Encourage students to think about all the people who are at Lincoln who they would like to thank. Have all grams delivered by the end of the day on Tuesday the 19th.

Effort Survey

Many grade levels are in the final steps of editing their Effort Surveys for their students. This survey is in conjunction with our study of High Expectation Teaching. Please have your survey finished and completed by your students before the Thanksgiving Holiday.

In the Lincoln Elem. team drive is a folder titled "Effort Surveys". Please place the grade level survey in the folder for others to look at and to use parts of it that would be helpful. In addition, a power point presentation from Sierra Sallie will be included there too for you to use in your classroom.

November newsletter

I am pretty sure that I did not get you all the link for the November Newsletter. Here it is for your reading enjoyment.

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Mr. Wallingford and the 5th Graders are ROCK STARS!! (Their "Opening Act", aka Related Arts Team are AWESOME too)

Kudos to the team that worked so very hard to get this awesome presentation together. The students sang beautifully, the stage was decorated so thoughtfully, and it demonstrated what a team effort for a common goal can mean for students. Thank yo so very much for all that EVERYONE (5th grade teachers, RA teachers, K Teachers--and literally everyone that helped whose name I'm not mentioning here) for your support of this program.

Refreshing our Ideas for Classroom Circles

As we continue our journey with classroom circles, I realize that it is always good to have some maintenance and reminders of practice. The video that I am linking below has several review concepts that we have covered before. I was particularly interested in some of the techniques that the teacher uses to choose topics and to start her circle in the morning. I know we can often fall into ruts with our practice and ask the same questions. This video has a few ideas that I think many of you could use to liven up morning circles.


  • We will not have Data PLC meetings on Tuesday. As we met twice this week, we will use our RTI meetings as our PLC Data Focus meetings. The meetings that I was able to attend were very focused, and student centered. Thank you to Autumn for facilitating such great meetings and to all teachers for coming prepared and ready to discuss students.
  • Soup Lunch will be next Wednesday the 15th. Based on the emails I suggest we all wear elastic pants and come hungry!!!
  • I will be reaching out to teachers who should nullify their LOE for the 2017-2018 SY. These would be teachers who have a higher LOE for the 16-17 SY than last year. I will also provide you with directions on what to do to nullify scores.
  • Our faculty meeting on Monday will focus on our behavior data thus far in the year, and will review our next steps in improvement in our RTI2B Tier 1 and 2 practices.
  • Our next PLC meetings (Tuesday, November 20th) will be our next book discussion.

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