Our government and Culture

Our country has little or less rules to go by. We have a democracy government mixed with a republican government.A person who specializes in one of the 3 branches and knows the history of Raytopia is allowed to be in one of the branches. We also have a limited government so the government won't make up it's own rules. In tradition when it is April 6th everyone is allowed to buy anything they want without money. we use the same alphabet as the U.S. We don't have a specific type of language so it can differ

My Continent and why I chose It

Our continent is huge and that's why I chose it. We live right in the middle of It so we cant get hurricanes, floods and tsunamis. Although we will still have natural disasters occurring (like tornadoes,earthquakes,etc) We help a citizens broken down house caused by that specific natural disaster.

our economy and an invention(with currency)

Raytopia has a river for growing crops and trade with other countries by boat. We have invented the plane . Our economy's money are much like the U.S But with the Founder's face(Me) on it. Our demand is in fruits, grains and fish.We have a surplus of water and pork,steak and other meats.
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