Auschwitz Research

by Asahel Tinoco


Auschwits-Birkenau was the largest concentration camp located in Poland.It was originally used as a detention center for political officers but was later used as an extermination camp. The main method of killing off the Jews was by gassing them, if they were not gassed then they were either used in medical experiments or were forced to do slave labor. At least 144 were know that escaped the camp alive. Around 65,000 survived at the end, 1.6 million were murdered and 11 million were killed in total in Auschwitz.

Auschwitz I

Auschwitz I was used as a detention center for political officers. There was around 135 thousand people in the camp. In about 5 years, detention turned to an extermination camp. It was the main sector held around 16 thousands prisoners, not all of them were Jews. The main sector also was home to the political dept. and also the prison labor. The camp always had extensions built to it and eventually had Auschwits-Birkenau buit own to it.

Life At Both Camps

Life at the camp wasn't like a normal jail center. They would make you do harsh labor work everyday. Some work that they would make you do is build a second story on a single story building. The living conditions were horrible , beds were not provided so you would have to sleep on straw stuffed beds. The only heat that was available was the heat from a coal-tile stoves. The area inside a cell was so small that they had to sleep on their sides just so that everyone can fit. Sanitation was a huge problem, there were no facilities to clean up after yourself. This attracted lice, rats and made the area damp, so it had a bad aura. Water was located in kitchen but the area was limited to the officers only. Later on they gave them a chance to bath at the bath house but it would be short and hot.