Collins' Corner

January 20, 2015

Important Dates

January 21 - Fun fitness

January 27 - Dining for Dollars - Groucho's in Chapin

February 3 - Jump Rope for Heart

February 20 - Winterfest

Please note...

  • Our prize box is getting low and we are also in need of pencils and cap erasers. Any donations will be truly appreciated!

  • Click here to see how our Postcard Geography project is going.

Language Arts

The spelling lesson this week looks at vowels followed by r, specifically /ir/ and /or/ when it is preceded by the consonant w. We have discussed the sound made by /ir/ as in bird. We have also discussed how /or/ can make the same sound when it is preceded by a w, as in work and word. Please note that I am no longer checking spelling words to make sure they are written correctly. Your child has a partner and they are checking spelling words together. If you have any questions about the spelling words for the week, they are on our classroom website by lesson number.

This week in language arts we are continuing to discuss main idea and details. We will also discuss figurative language, specifically similes and metaphors. We will be writing similes and metaphors about snow, and writing snow poems.


We have completed Chapter 8 in My Math on money. We will on Tuesday and have a chapter test on Thursday. Due to chapter test being given on Thursday, there will be no addition/subtraction fact test this week. Please continue to help your child study for these tests.

Social Studies/Science

This week in science we will be discussing physical and chemical changes in matter, as well as mixtures and solutions. We will complete our matter unit this week and will have a test next week.