Most inspirational man of the yr

Most voted in 2015

What screams inspirational to you?

Inspiration is a word most of us relate to famous people, for instance, Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber. We would like to grow up and be rich, famous, or a reality TV star. I'm asking you to, realistically, dig deep and find something that inspires you. What kind of mark do you want to leave on the world? Who do you want to help, if anyone? When I am asked the question, "Who inspires you?" I think about someone in my life I would want to be like. Being like someone includes character, intentions, and motives. Mark Cone was voted most inspirational man of the year for multiple reasons. A few words that characterize mark are ambitious, driven, loyal, and kind. Mark has devoted 22 years of his life to bringing in new lives. It was in 2014 that Mark realized the desperate help that health care in america needed. Today Mark is traveling from city to city talking to insurance company to insurance company. He has dropped his career as an OBGYN in hopes to fix the corrupted health care systems, making it more affordable and convenient for all families. These are some of the many reasons Mark Cone was voted most inspirational man of the year. Lets all strive to be a little bit better everyday.