The Caddeos

By: Katie Coe

What region did they live in?

They lived in the Piney Woods.

What food did they eat?

They ate a lot of foods here are some of them.The fruits and vegetables are corn,beans squash,acorns,blackberry's,persimmons and roots.The meat that they ate were deer,rabbits,turkeys and squirrels.

How was there food obtained?

They were farmers who planted crops in large sections in the woods,they were also hunters and gatherers.

Type of dwelling they lived in

They lived in tall cone shape grass huts they made it from a wooden frame.Then,coverd it in cut cane and long grasses

Weapons and/or tools they used

They used axes made of stone and bows and arrows.

Special traditions they had and/ or Religion

They made pottery some of that pottery had elabrate decorations while others were carved in.There religons they are called mound builders and thats what they did.

Organization of Leadership

There organazations of leadership had cheifs witch were incharge of the tribe even though they did not really control it they had limetid power.He set stuff like marriages,what time to build houses and hosted festsvels.

Where are they located now or what became of them

nobody really knows where they are... they said that they chained the door to the administrating office.

Unique Fact or characteristic

In the late 1800's the Caddeos did a ghost dance religion witch gave American Indians hope in the afterlife

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