Sir Francis Drake

The Most Renowned Seamen of the Elizabethan Era

"There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory."- Francis Drake

Where It Began

Sir Francis Drake has no birth records, but he is believed to have been born between 1540 and 1544 in Tavistock, Devonshire, England to Edmund Drake, a tenant farmer, and Mary Mylwaye Drake, the eldest of twelve sons. His family actually moved to Kent, because Devonshire was not safe for protestants like themselves. When he was young, he had a great interest in sailing and navigation, and was known for being ruthless, witty, and devoted.

Did you know that Sir Francis Drake was a distant relative of Sir Walter Raleigh?

Achievements and Discoveries

At the age of 13, Sir Francis Drake starts working as an apprentice aboard a ship plying trade across the English Channel. When he is twenty years old, he becomes the captain of the boat, and starts making trips to Africa, America, and the West Indies. In 1577, on the ship The Golden Hind, and after defeating Spanish ships, the Golden Hind got into a terrible storm, and ended up going around the south coast of America, completing the world's second circumnavigation of the globe, and the first for the English. One of Drake's biggest accomplishments is defeating the Spanish Armada. When the Spanish decided to attack England, the English already knew, so they attacked the Spanish, and it took them a full year to recover and begin their counter-attack. In the counter-attack, the Spanish had much more ships, and they were much more powerful. However, under the command of Drake, the English won an important victory for their country. He later became deeply involved in politics, and became mayor of Plymouth.

Drake's Ship, The Golden Hind

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Look Closely for the Route of Drake's Voyage around the World

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Did you know that Sir Francis Drake is Forbes's second highest earning pirate with 115 million dollars?

World Impact

Sir Francis Drake has made a significant impact on the world today.His biggest accomplishment, defeating the Spanish Armada, solidified English dominance at sea, opening the door leading to England becoming the largest empire yet. Also, If the Spanish Armada hadn't have been defeated, the relationship between Spain and England would be very different than it is today. Lastly, by defeating the Spanish Armada, Drake helped shape America into what it is today. If he hadn’t the Spanish would’ve take control of North America, leaving it forever changed.

Sir Francis Drake being Knighted

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Did you know that Drake's crew buried him in a lead coffin at sea, which divers still can't find today?

Sir Francis Drake News Report

Sir Francis Drake

World's Greatest Pirate

Lessons On:

  • Stealing Silver
  • Defeating Spanish Armada


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