AVID Quickbits

Here is an update on how we are AVIDizing the West!

September 18

Hooray! College Wednesdays are back!

Are you an alumni of the baddest college in the land? Would you like for your school to be in the spotlight? If so, please email Mrs. Forts to get your school added to the rotation for college spotlight Wednesdays! Soon there will be talking points for you to discuss with your students as we enlighten them about the details of college life.

Please remember that only COLLEGE t-shirts are appropriate with jeans on Wednesdays...thanks for all of your support as we continue to spread knowledge about college!

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Let's give an AVID "blue" on GO...1...2...3...Go!

Building a positive classroom environment is a must during the first days of school...Ms. Booker uses "LINKS" in her room to help students to own their behavior and build a positive classroom environment. If the students are caught with a noise level that is too high or off task, the class loses a letter in the acronym. The first class to have their links hit the floor will gain a prize of their choice. Can you think of any other acronyms to use? (Ex. PRIDE...)

Ms. Booker also has a station in her classroom where students are invited to get a writing utensil if needed (Now that's showing PRIDE)!

WICORized Wednesdays are coming soon...

Mark your calendars for September 26th as we will hold our first WICORized Wednesday of the new school year!

Door Competition Winners! I would just like to send a huge shout out to everyone who decorated your doors. One of our AVID standards requires that we have a college-going atmosphere to promote a positive school culture. Because of your efforts, we will continue to shine! Look out for an email from me (Mrs. Cain) for your prize for your participation!

There is still time left if you did not get a chance to decorate your doors...I look forward to seeing more great ideas!

Some great door ideas...

AVID Resources

Did you say AVID Resources?

Here are some resources that you may find useful: (click the poster on the right to access the AVID website to get more info!)

AVID Writing through Disciplinary Literacy-eBook

The resources and topics included within this resource support educators and students in the development of disciplinary literacy, focused note-taking, learning through writing, resources for Interactive Notebooks, the writing process, research, and meta-cognition through writing.

AVID Bridges to Success-eBook

The resources and topics included within AVID Bridges to Success support students as they develop their writing through focused note-taking and learning logs, their use of inquiry through Philosophical Chairs and Socratic Seminar, their use of collaboration through collaborative structures, their organization of materials and time, and their critical reading skills, as well as providing resources to support student empowerment.


WICORized Wednesday

Wednesday, Sep. 26th, 10am-4pm


Calling all tutors!!!!

Do you know of anyone who is college aged that would like to earn some extra cash? If so , please share the information below on the attachment. See Mrs. Cain for more information!
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