Symbolism in Walk Two Moons

By: Emily House


Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two Moons is about a thirteen year old girl names Sal who goes on a journey to Lewiston Idaho. She tell a story about her friend Phoebe to her grandparents, while going to find her long lost mother.

Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech uses symbolism to give a deeper meaning to the objects and characters.

Symbol 1; Blackberries

Blackberries are one of the commonly used symbols in the novel Walk Two Moons. One time Creech uses blackberries as a symbol is when Sal's mom leaves two bowls of blackberries on the table. "The next morning when I went into the kitchen my father was standing beside the table looking at two small dishes of blackberries." (Creech 35). Later on in the paragraph it says, "Just then, she came in from the back porch. My father put his arms around her and they smooched and it was all tremendously romantic." (Creech 35). Another time Creech uses blackberries is when a boy named Ben kisses Sal. "Ben touched his lips. 'Did it taste a little like blackberries to you?' he said." (Creech 238). Blackberries represent the love between the characters. Sal's mom shows love to her father by kissing him after he looked at the blackberries on the table. Ben is the first boy Sal has ever kissed. Creech uses blackberries to show Sal's feelings and emotions towards Ben. Through blackberries the reader gains an understanding about the characters emotions.
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Symbol 2; Hair

Hair is a symbol that Creech uses in the novel Walk Two Moons. One time Creech uses hair as a symbol is when Sal remembers the time her mother had cut her hair. "My mothers hair had been long and black, like mine, but a week before she left, she cut it." ( Creech 92). Later in the paragraph it says, "My father said to me, 'Don't cut yours, Sal. Please don't cut yours." (Creech 92). Another time Creech uses hair is when Sal's friend Phoebe sees her mom. "Did you notice her hair? She's cut it. It's short." (Creech 240). Hair symbolizes change. Sal's dad was not afraid Sal would cut her hair after her mom left; he was afraid of Sal changing, Phobe was afraid because her mother was talking with her son, (whom she didn't know), and Phoebe noticed her hair changed. Through the symbol of hair the reader can see how one character has changed or how one character didn't change.
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