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Essential tools to start KickStart your year!

If you haven't already tried them, the following tools could be great fits for your classroom!

Google EDU just announced it will be going live with CLASSROOM - an online, interactive learning environment very similar to EDMODO. If you have used EDMODO, you may want to hold off on building your classes for this year and try GOOGLE CLASSROOM instead! I am including EDMODO information below, as well as their tool, Snapshot, for the Edmodo die hards!
Watch the video below to see how Classroom works:
Classroom 101


Brand NEW website with updated Databases and tools! Use these stellar resources to hit those Research, Informative text analysis, Argumentative writing, and Technology standards! Over 20 databases and Common Core tools, three of which are highlighted below: Note: home access requires a login: USERNAME: heathcs PASSWORD: bulldogs1

Google Drive

Share and edit papers with students without worrying about printing or software compatibility! Use Forms for formative assessment, polls and quizzes that students can access from any device. Send feedback immediately! Not to mention the slew of other useful tools and add ons - all online, FREE, and EASY!

EDMODO online Classroom and SNAPSHOT

The majority of students are familiar with Edmodo, which is a secure Learning Management System that allows teachers to post documents, assignments, videos, etc. and allows students to upload assignments and engage in class discussion.

Join the HHS Edmodo community by using This Code: 5c3dze
Edmodo also rolled out a fabulous tool called Snapshot, which allows teachers to choose a CC standard and test students' mastery in just a few questions. Students can respond from any device, and teachers get a detailed report of how each student performed that they can then share privately with each student. WATCH THE VIDEO to see SNAPSHOT in ACTION!


Socrative lets teachers engage and assess their students with polls/quizes/games using a free app on ANY device! Through the use of real time questioning, and instant results aggregation, teachers can gauge students' level of understanding.


This free, secure app is great for communicating with students, players, or club members. No numbers are exchanged and all members maintain their privacy. Best of all, Remind added a new feature that allows the teacher/coach/advisor to attach files!

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