Christians, Jews, and Muslims

By: Elise Cagnard

Things They Have In Common-Monotheism

All three religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism believe in only one god.

Christians believe that there God is the father of Jesus Christ, who is there savior.

Muslims believes that there god is Allah, the one who sent the visions to their Prophet Muhammad while he was meditating in a cave.

Jews believe that there was only one god, who gave the 10 commandments to Moses.

Holy Book

All three religions have there own Holy Book.

Christianity believes in the Bible. They believe that the two parts of the Bible, The Old Testament and Th New Testament, where made at two different times in history. They believe that the Old Testament was the Gods law, while the New testament is supposed to be how Jesus fulfilled the laws of God.

Muslims believe in the Qur'an. In the Muslim religion, they believed that once, a man named Muhammad was meditating in a cave. While he was mediating, the Angel Gabriel came to see him and told him what was wrong with how they were worshiping many Gods, instead of the one powerful God, Allah. He started telling people what he had seen in the cave, but most people thought that he was crazy. After some time, he had gained some followers and they started writing down what he had said. This piece of writing is now well known as the Qur'an.

The Jews believe in the Torah. There are two different types of Torah's, the written and the oral. The Torah was given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai. They are supposedly the law of God. The Torah are usually made with dry parchment, making up the five books of Moses,

Holy Citys

Besides Jerusalem, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have other holy city's. Hebron is a very Holy City to the Jews because most of the famous patriarchs are buried here. It is also known that Abraham bought 3 of there Holy City's, Hebron included. It is the second Holiest City in the Jewish religion

Bethlehem is a very holy city to Christians everywhere. It is the officials birth place of Jesus Christ. He was born in a barn surrounded by animals with his mother Virgin Mary because she was turned away everywhere she tried to get help, and the inn in Bethlehem was full.

Mecca/Mekkah is a holy city of Islam. This is the city that there prophet Muhammad is from. This is also where we was an outcast for speaking his visions about Allah. He later invaded the city using the city of Medina. He promised to not hurt anyone if they converted to his religion.

Who Leads Them?

All of the three religions have different leaders that lead there ceremony's and activity's.

In the Jewish tradition its a Rabbi, but in some Synagogues the Rabbi cannot be a women. This only happens in conversational Synagogue.

In the Christian tradition a priest or bishop will lead the services. Christians also have a Pope who is basically the official leader.

In the Islamic traditions, an Imam leads the prayer. he leads it on Friday and Eid days. Eid is a Muslim festivial that happens twice a year.

What Makes Christianity So Special?

One thing that sets Christianity apart from the other two religions is there life rituals. They are Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, and Death. All of these must be completed to be a real Christian at the end of there life.

Another interesting thing about Christianity is that they have two symbols, the fish and the cross.

The Cross symbolizes what Jesus did for humanity, and what he is capable of. He saved Man from sin, and he conquered death.

The fish is a little more random. At the time when Christianity was just starting, people were opposed to it and killed Christians at will. People decided that Christians would meet in secret. If people saw the drawing of a fish on the door, they knew that this was a safe place for Christians to hide.

Something that Christians greatly pride themselves on, is on how they got in to contact with their God. In the other religions, the had to reach out to God to understand what they were doing wrong, but in the Christian tradition, God reached out to them.

Christianity is the largest monotheistic religion in the world. 32% of the world is Christian and 83% of the United States of America is Christian. There are different branches, but Catholic is the biggest.

What Is It Like To Be A Muslim?

Islam is a very unique religion. They have many things thought the other two don't have. One of these many things is the 5 Pillars. In the Islamic religion, they must worship the 5 pillars to be a good Muslim. The Pillars are Shahada, Salaatt, Ramadan, Zakaat, and Haij.

Shahada is publicly announcing to to the world that you only believe in one God and that God is Allah. Salaat is when you pray 5 times a day. Ramadan is fasting during the 9th month of the Islamic calender. Haij is the pilgrimage that each Muslim has to take once in there life to Mecca.

Another interesting fact is how they worship. Christianity and Judaism worship in a specific place, like a Church or Synagogue, but Muslims can worship anywhere. When they prayer siren goes off, it doesn't matter where you are, in your home or even on the streets, you must try and stop what your doing and prey.

As mentioned above, Christians and Jew worship in a Church or Synagogue. While Muslims can still worship anywhere, they must to go to a Mosque at least once a week, preferably midday on Friday.

Islam also has a very interesting symbol. It is A big crescent moon with a small star at the right hand corner. The Cress was actually on the Ka'ba (a big cube like structure) for 400 years. The star represent the 5 pillars of Islam.

What Does It Really Mean To Be A Jew

One of the many differences between Judaism and the other religions is that many of there holidays are very different. One of the main holidays that Jews have and others don't is Bar/Bat Mitzvah. A Bar Mitzvah is a festival for the boys, while a Bat Mitzvah is for girls. For boys it is celebrated at age 13 while for girls it is celebrated at 12. They have to read from the Torah, their sacred book. It celbrates when they become an adult.

Something peculiar about Judaism is that even though it is the oldest religion, it has the least amount of followers. There is a reason for that. Its not that Judaism isn't a good religion to follow, or people don't want to believe in it, its because in the past Jews have been targeted and almost exterminated. The Jewish population is now growing, but as fast as the others, since they now have less people.

Another interesting thing about Jews is that they have four relationships with god and each other

  • God and Mankind
  • God and the Jewish Nation
  • The Jewish Nation and Israel
  • The Jewish Nation and Mankind
If followed, these are supposed to bring peace to the Jews and everybody around them.

There are three main branches of Judaism. Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform. orthodox is usually seen as the most harsh, following the Torah to the letter. They don't let women become Rabbis. Conservative is the next harshest, but no where near as strict. They let women become Rabbis, and are a little more lenient than the Orthodox. The Reform is the more modern one, more relaxed and more laid back than the other two.

Christians vs Jews vs Muslims

Something that Christians and Muslims have alike is Angel Gabriel. In the Islamic religion, the Prophet Muhammad sees the angel while meditating in a cave. In the Christian religion, Mary, the mother of Jesus, is visited by an angel who tells her that she will be gifted Jesus Christ as her son.

Something interesting that both Muslims and Jew have in common is something in the way they prey. Is Muslims want to pray to Allah, there god, they have to prey in Arabic. If Jews have to pray, the have to pray in Hebrew.

Something that Christians and Jews have in common is that they both think that Abraham sacrificed his son Isaac for God, but in the Islamic religion, it is the place where Abraham sacrificed a sheep instead of his son.

Why Do They All Want Jerusalem?

Jerusalem has been fought over for centuries, everyone wanting the holy land. But why would they want it? There's not economical gain, or strategical advantage. The reason is actually quite simple, its sacred to all of them.

To the Jewish people Jerusalem is the place where there King David ruled, and their Great Tempe used to stand. A wall of that is still there today.

To the Christians it is a place where there savior had lives and preached. It is also the place that he was crucified.

For the Muslims is was where there leader, Prophet Muhammad ascended into heaven.