Space Junk Book Analysis

By: Shawn Hall

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Space Junk,

By: Karen Young

The first chapter outlines the problem and the source of the problem of junk in orbit and junk left on other planets and the moon. Chapter 2 summarizes the surprising number of satellite collisions and explosions that have already occurred. There is a Spacecraft Cemetery in the Pacific Ocean for satellites and spacecraft that can still be directed there. The final resting place of the Mir Space Station is there.There is also a junkyard in high earth orbit as well. Chapter 3 outlines the steps that are being taken to monitor, track, and control space debris. An international agency coordinates the data from all of the space–traveling nations and they can warn each other if the ISS or a satellite must be moved to avoid a collision. The ISS has been moved at least once per year to stay safe. The final chapter, Taking Out the Trash reviews inventions that are being readied to sweep up Earth’s orbit. From a mile wide “fishing net” to a robotic vacuum cleaner, scientists and engineers are working on potential solutions.


I believe that this book has complete facts about how we should clean up our atmosphere. It has good background history of how it all started from the first satellite to the recent ones. I think overall that the book should show how we can make a difference and keep our future better in future.