Jackson Hero or Zero

Andrew Jackson Project

Killing The National Bank

Jackson was president at that time. Jackson only thoughts of the National Bank only help the rich and it was unconstitutional. Jackson got re-elected for second term. Jackson veto it to get rid of the National Bank.

"Trail of Tears"

Jackson send the Native American to Oklahoma. He sent natives to Oklahoma because Jackson wanted to have the land and sell the land. Jackson knew the land had gold and cotton it would be easier to grow. Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into a law.

"Spoils System"

The Spoils System is when you give a reward or a job to your friends because they help him before. Jackson fired everyone who worked at the White House. So, Jackson gave all his friends a job at the White House. Jackson n told everyone to vote for him because he was giving jobs away.

Political Cartoon

This Political Cartoon means that Jackson was like the king and he was very powerful. Jackson was the king because he made all the decision like veto the National Bank. Jackson had the power to veto. Jackson didn't care about the constitution because it's ripped up on the ground and he is standing on top it.

Letter from the Southerner (Positive)

Dear President Jackson,

Hi, my name is Billy and I would like to thank you by sending you this letter. Once I heard that you elected for president again and that you veto the National Bank. I'm so thankful that you shut down the National Bank. I thought that the National Bank was so unconstitutional and that it was only for the rich.



Letter from the Cherokee (Negative)

Dear President Jackson,

Hi, my name is Dena. I don't like that you moved us to Oklahoma. So, you could sell our land. I heard that people know we have lots of gold so they decide to move and get rich easily. We went to the court and they said that you couldn't take our land. But, you didn't listen to John Marshall. Then you signed the Indian Removal Act. Most of us died because of cold, starvation, and sickness. So once we got to Oklahoma we had to start over.