Communicable Diseases Can Spread

By: Saad Khan

Tips for teens

1. You can prevent communicable disease by staying away from people who are sick.

2. You can protect yourself by washing your hands often.

3. You can prevent this by staying away from contaminated food.

4. You can prevent communicable diseases staying away from animals that are not vaccinated.

5. You can protect yourself by watching out and making sure you are in a safe environment.

Statistics about Communicable diseases

1. One of the most common communicable diseases is the common cold

2. Lyme disease has had over 30,00 new cases since 2012

3. Some communicable disease are not as common due to vaccines.

4. Most communicable diseases cannot be spread through the air.

5. Communicable diseases can have a small effect like the common cold or a large effect like Ebola.


Q: Can communicable disease like Ebola be spread through the air around us?

A: No because Ebola does not have the factors to be able to be carried through the air.


"When you're dealing with new and emerging diseases, you have no idea and you can't predict in advance what would happen." - Margaret Chan

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