My first roller coaster

My New Found Love

My sisters and I were told we had a doctors appointment. We were on the rode way too long to just be going to the doctor's office.

So we pulled in to the parking lot of The Great Escape.

My parents acted as if the car broke down, even though we had got it just the week before. We all knew some thing was wrong. About five minutes later my mom tells us to get out of the car. We all get out knowing something what was happening, because my dad is a bad whisperer and they are not good at surprises.

That's when they pulled out 5 tickets to the park. We were all so exited. while we were there every body was telling me to ride the boomerang. I gave in to the constant harassment telling just do it. So I got on the ride and strapped in.

the ride started going up backwards slowly getting higher and higher. Then it paused. Just when I got comfortable ,whoosh, the ride plummets to the ground accelerating faster and faster.

It was then, there, and at that moment where I found my new love... ROLLER COASTERS

the Great Escape