Terrorist Terrorizing Munich Games!

By:Tanner Corbett

The Massacre

On September 5, 1972 eight Palestinian terrorist captured 11 Israeli athletes and killed 2. A German cop and all eight of the terrorist died in a gun battle. The games stopped for a day and had a ceremony for those two Israeli athletes and the German cop. The decision to continue the games was frowned upon, but the games went well. The cause of this violent act is the Middle East conflict. The land of Israel is divided between the Palestinians and the Jews, they both think Israel is their land and have fought about it for a long time. In 1948 Israel was officially deemed a Jewish state, which made the Palestinians really mad. The outcome is the more security at the games, athletes and fans feel uncomfortable, and the end to a peaceful 1972 Munich games.

Middle East

How this relates

This relates to the conflict in the Middle East because when Israel was deemed a Jewish state in 1948, the Palestinians got angry and wanted revenge. Since 1948 many terrorist acts have been made but nothing this bad. This was a start to terrorism and makes the fire burn hotter in the Middle East.