Enchanted Air

By Margarita Engle

About Margarita

Margarita is a girl who has two very different personalities. One personality is shy and left out, and the other is fun and adventurous, but both are imaginative. When Margarita is at school all she does is read. Margarita's mom is Cuban and so they try to visit Cuba every summer. She loves to ride horses. Also, Margarita loves to adventure out of her relatives house and find different artifacts.

Margarita lived during the Cold War and is still living now. But during the begining of the Cold War, she went to visit her Cuban relatives and saw Russian and Cuban soldiers on the island. During one of her outdoors adventures she find a bullet in a field. Margarita is not someone to keep secrets but for this specific thing she kept it secret. Margarita's favorite places to be is in Cuba. She feels at home. Towards the middle and the end of this war Cuba and the US cut transportation between each others countries. This made it difficult for Margarita and her family to travel to Cuba in the summer. Plus, her mothers passport had expired. Even if they wanted to go to Cuba they would have to renew the passport and get government permission to go there.

During some of Margarita's school days they had to hide under desks to "protect" themselves from exploding missiles. Some teachers would turn on the TV and watch the news to see what was going on. Also, people would bully her and say rude things because "her" country was attacking the United States of America. Nobody was her friend after that.

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Cold War

The Cold War was a tense relationship between the US and the Soviet Union which created a missile crisis between Cuba and the US


"I don't understand the whole thrilling verse, but I love the way poetry turns ordinary words into winged things that rise up and soar."

- Margarita Engle