A Snowboarding Adventure!

Exploring Summerland B.C.

Planning our Trip

We needed a break. We had to go somewhere to get away from work. So me (Shahmil), Jovin, Emi, and Oasika packed our bags and headed to Summerland B.C.

Getting there.


Our main activity in Summerland was Snowboarding. We went to Apex Mountain Resort.


Then we went a Vancouver Soccer game! Vancouver Whitecaps are great!


Then after that, we went and watched a hockey game in Vancouver!

Exploring Some more!...

We went and walked around Sumerland some more...Downtown!

What a great Adventure!

We all had alot of fun in Summerland. It had went better then planned! Maybe we will come back again next year, but now it is time to go home.