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December Spotlight Awards

Let's Give a Holly Jolly Round of Applause to December Spotlight Award Recipients!

Anjali Aggarwal

To care for the change in Ian's assignment, Anjali took lead role as back-up to Training Prioritization. She completed these tasks with passion and interest and placed very close attention to all details and the dynamic changes with the monthly priorities. Anjali also continued to be involved with Complaint management and was a key player in the requirements design for our new and upcoming Complaints Portal tool. Anjali's team player attitude deserve recognition.

Nominated by: Patty Romero

Ian Sohn

Ian took a lead role in becoming a GSO trainer for Service training delivery. He committed to this in a short -time frame and had to prepare to leave his family for the majority of the summer months. He was then reassigned to prior role for approximately one month and then quickly went on assignment in Dominican Republic. He delivered an excellent training class and had 90% of his class pass the test on first round. In addition, as he worked on transitioning his class into production, he identified areas of opportunity with Compliance and Ops management that he fed back to the GSO Staff team. Thank you Ian for your flexibility, dedication & commitment.

Nominated by: Patty Romero

Anna Moody

Anna was assigned as point of contact for content structure and development for the BTR Commitment Workshop. Anna was quick to respond and worked hand in hand with me to review the content provided from Verizon Wireless and to transform it into Verizon standards to meet the BTRE program. Anna provided 3 draft updates and stayed on point to meet the TTT target for the week of December 15, 2014. Anna has been an outstanding partner through this process. This BTR Commitment Workshop will enable our GSO Partners to have powerful knowledge in their toolkits to improve the overall coaching experience, FCR/FTR, and commitment reinforcement. Thank you Anna for your partnership.
Nominated by: Nancy Perry

Natalie Haemel Hooks

In 2014 Natalie has supported the GSO organization in all of our movement of work efforts. GSO had a large number of requests to launch centers and move work. Natalie escalated and worked to secure our spot in many releases. In her role in Paul Cunningham's organization she consistently assisted in getting our items prioritized and assigned BRD writers. She was always in attendance on our GSO project calls, and was a key contributor in the successful launch of One Share. In her newer role reporting to Kimberly Skelly, she has guided us through the new front door process, as we submitted business cases, and wrote charters. She has been a great team player, and we appreciate her direction and support.

Nominated by: Karen Berard

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