The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod

Second book in the series (Ninth grade slays)


The main character Vladimir,in the book The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod, is brought to life in many ways through characterization. For example it creates suspense though out the story cause Vlad is so shallow,and quiet everyone wonders why. Henry and his brother,along with Joss,Otis,and aunt Nelly are so protective over Vlad.They are there 24/7 it impacts the story alot.An example is when Henry's brother says to his friends "Leave them alone"!


In the passage that i'm about to read it explains how Vlad is feeling,when he is knocked out.It explains the setting as well,also how it switches from one place to another.By that I mean how Vlad goes from the top of the building to a hospital. It also describes an image that we can get in our head.To visualize to story.


The theme of the book The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod is "Practicing and waiting is all worth it in the end"

Vlad was ignoring Henry who was helping him study,even when his uncle and is aunt told him to practice,mostly since he was going to visit the oldest Vampire in Elysisa! Otis claims that if the oldest vampire cant teach Vlad no one can.Now they are on the edge of time rushing to find, out if Vlad will learn in time.