Banning Animals From Zoos & Parks?

By Allison D.

The Issue

Should we close zoos and parks because people say we harm the animals there? Some people think yes. What do you think? Do we really harm the animals there or are we helping them?

My Point Of View

I do not think they should close zoos. Here are a couple of reasons why. One, is some animals are hurt and the zoo saves them and are helping them to heal. Also if we close zoos, the animals that were born there would die in the wild because they are not ready to live in the wild yet . Another reason is if an animal is endangered they can bring the animal to the zoo and help save it's species. Those are some of my reasons I think we should not close the zoos and parks.
Jungle City - Saving the world's endangered animals and their habitat

Pros Of Banning Animals From Zoos

If you ban the animals from the zoo the animals will be free and live in the wild. If there are released they would feel better. Being kept in a cage with other animals could be VERY depressing for the them. Just consider, they could have family in the wild and they could go see them or make a new family. According to Dale Jamieson "it is surely true that in being taken from the wild and confined in zoos, animals are deprived of a great many goods. For the most part they are prevented from gathering their own food, developing their own social orders and generally behaving in ways that are natural to them". Also according to Charley " I think we should let the animals be free. How would you like it if you were in a small cage".

Cons Of Banning Animals From Zoos

If you keep the animals at the zoo they could be cared for. A good reason to keep zoos is if the animal is endangered you could bring it to the zoo and help save its species from becoming extinct. Another reason is that kids love to go to zoos and learn about all the cool animals there. If you got rid of the zoos the kids will not be able to see the animals. According to Toni "I think we need to know about animals, so don't get rid of zoos, they also look after the animals!" Also a lot of people say that they like the zoos but wish the cages were bigger. Heres a quote from Charlotte saying that zoos need to be bigger. "I think you should keep zoos but give animals bigger places to live and make it look like their natural habitat".

Summarizing each side

So there are some good reasons to ban zoos and reasons not to ban them. I found groups or organizations that felt zoos restricted animals in an unnatural environment. I found groups and or organizations that felt zoos protected animals. I still think we should keep them, but make their cage a bit bigger. But as I was writing the pros and cons I found some really good reasons to ban the zoos. So that was the pros and cons. Lets go on to the next topic.

A Couple Of More Facts

If you close the zoos a lot of people will lose their jobs. Also if we keep the zoos the animals will be more safe than in the wild. My last fact is wildlife is going away really fast and like the video said, "will your children ever see this"? If we keep the zoos maybe your children will see and learn about the animals. Those are some of my last facts.

Have I Changed My Point Of View?

In the beginning of this smore I said that zoos should stay. Now have I changed my point of view from doing this project?. The answer would be no, I still think we need zoos.