Heat sink and Fan

By Aiden Day

What is a heat sink ?

the heat sink is a key part of the computer keeping it cool and stopping it from over heating ,it dispatches the heat into another part of the computer it uses LEDS to keep this cool.

What is a fan ?

like the heat sink the fan is also cooling system and keeps the system from over heating also the fan blows the heat to other compartments of the computer
Push vs Pull vs Push Pull for Radiators and Heatsinks Linus Tech Tips
Nearly all computers have heat sinks which help keep the CPU cool and prevent it from overheating. But sometimes the heat sink itself can become too hot. This can happen if the CPU is running at full capacity for an extended period of time or if the air surrounding the computer is simply too hot. Therefore, a fan is often used in combination with the heat sink to keep both the CPU and heat sink at an acceptable temperature.