Voice Typing

BEST District of the EVSC - February 10, 2016

Voice Typing in a Google Doc

Within each Google Doc is the ability to use Voice Typing. Voice Typing will transcribe all speech that is discernable by the device. Think about how this could assist special needs students? Additionally, a student who has just broken their arm and unable to type could benefit from this technology. There are a lot of great uses here for Voice Typing. Check it out!

1. Open or Create a Google Doc

2. Click on the Tools Menu. Then Click on Voice Typing.

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3. On the left side you will see the icon to start dictation.

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4. You may get a pop-up asking to enable your microphone before continuing. Click Allow.

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5. Start speaking. Google will transcribe your text.

Make sure to say "period" at the end of each sentence, and "new paragraph" to start the next paragraph,
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6. Click the microphone to disable Voice Typing.

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7. Automatically saves. When finished speaking, go back and make any necessary edits.

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