Christie Newsletter No. 18

Staying Connected, Collaborative, and Committed

Our Mission & Vision

to build a positive learning environment where ALL students are successful & create a positive and successful community of learners.


What we believe about CONNECTION…

Check out what our staff said in reaction to the quote from last week!

A BIG HUGE shout out to the teachers who responded!!!

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PLC Plug

Walls that Teach...

Most writers in our building are working through nonfiction pieces in some capacity. If you are needing support on how to anchor learning turn to Lucy Calkins' UOS CD for LOADS of resources to support kids.

Check out this anchor chart for expository writing...

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This week let's ask kids what they LOVE about reading and writing!

Next week I will post the teacher and student responses that we gather! HAPPY INQUIRY!

GOAL Gains

What does reading mean to you?

"Motivation to read and attitudes toward reading are not the only areas in which teachers' reading habits and views on reading affect their students' reading behaviors." -Miller

Take a moment to complete this Self-Reflection Activity:

  • What were your reading experiences as a child?
  • Were these positive or negative?
  • Do you see yourself as a reader?
  • How do you share your reading experiences-both current and from the past - with your students?
  • With which group of readers in your classroom do you most identify - the underground readers, the developing readers, or the dormant readers?
  • Who have been your role models for reading?

Think about how your answers are connected to the quote above.

How do our reading lives affect our students' reading lives?

IMPORTANT Dates & Events


Name & Need, 2.1.16

TELPAS Training (all Bilingual teachers), 2.3.16, in the Cafe @ 3:15-4:00

4th Grade Writing Simulation, 2.3.16

Team Leader, 2.4.16

FML, 2.5.16


Collaborative Planning, 2.10.16

DRILLS (all), 2.11.16

5th Grade District PD, 2.12.16

Valentine's Day Parties, 2.12.16

Campus PD, 2.15.16 (PBIS)

Staff PD, 2.17.16 (5th grade presenting Mindset & PLC Task-force)

FML, 2.19.16

4th Grade District PD, 2.19.16

PLC Booster, 2.26.16

3rd Grade District PD, 2.26.16

Boosterthon Pep Rally, 2.29.16

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