Cheers to 2014!

Celebrating a great 2014 & ready to rock 2015!

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Official Team Name update!

Hello hello ladies! In case you missed it, we have an official Team Name which is The Golden Arrows! We are so blessed to be apart of the Gem Fatales, which our amazing Platinum Director Tracey Schwartz leads, so we are technically Gem Fatales: Team Golden Arrows! Which will be on all our name tags this year at Hoopla!!! So on that note... EVERYONE SAVE THE DATE FOR HOOPLA (Our Annual Convention & Training Event!) YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT! More details coming very soon.
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Team Christmas Party Pic!

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Seriously you all rocked out quarter 4!!!!!! Novemeber & December had record breaking sales and promotions for our team! I AM SO PROUD OF ALL YOU!!!! I might have cried a few times, literally blown away by your hard work. Watching inspiring women from all walks of life set goals and go at them with all their heart brings me to tears. Whether you all were working to pay for your family's Christmas expenses, a trip to disney world, a new fleece jacket, donations for a charity, your mortgage, unexpected medical bills, and so much more... I am thankful for you all sharing these goals with me because its inspiring stories from YOU that fill my cup in a big way. I am so thankful for you all choosing the #SDJOY and for being apart of such special group of empowering women!!! That is what Stella & Dot is all about! So needless to say, I CANNOT WAIT to hear more goals from you all and rise up to new challenges by inspiring women all over the country!
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Kelly Ridenour congrats on your STAR Promotion!

Holy smokes, BIG OL' CONGRATULATIONS to Kelly Link-Ridenour for promotiong to STAR in December! She had literally been a stylist for under 70 days! Her and her fabulous team just knocked it out of the park last night, selling well over the required GCV. Kristen Pate, a brand new stylist as well, promoted to Associate Stylist which helped her promote! Along with her amazing team: Regina Ward, Jen Mazur, Becky Meek, and Natalie Everett! Promoting is a TEAM EFFORT, and you ladies rocked it!!!

Kelly jumped in with the passion and excitement that you dream of seeing in a new stylist! She made a goal to have 10 shows in her jumpstart so she could really MAX out her opportunity to earn as much free jewelry as possible! And by the end of November she decided she was going to go for Star in Decemeber! Just like that! The funny thing is, she still doesn't know the details on what it takes to hit star, but she just kept on doing what she was doing and it happened. She leads her team with excitement and a heart of gold. Kelly, I am so stinking proud of you friend! What a blessing you are to our leadership team and this sisterhood of women! We are so excited to welcome new stylists Kenda Spanich and Christa Spanich this month too!!! YOU LADIES ARE ON FIRE!


It's time WRITE OUT and DECLARE our 2015 goals.
I saw this from Cindy Rhodenhamel, and LOVED it!!
"I take a day each year to DREAM and decide what I want my New Year to look like! Last year a few things on my list were......Heart of Leadership Star Director, Platinum Director, Personal Travel to specific cities,etc...and more! I hit them all b/c I wrote them out and FRAMED THEM! I have looked at them in my work space each and every day in 2014! I picked business and personal goals to list and I include financial goals as well (I exceeded that one, too! Yahooo)."'s your TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY Incentive....Write up your goals (keep them short and specific) in PRESENT TENSE (ie "I am a Star Stylist") and then PRINT THEM and FRAME THEM! She prints several goes in her planner, one on her bathroom mirror and one in her wallet/purse.

Take a picture of your 2015 Goals and post to our team page!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED SEEING YOU POST YOUR GOALS ON THE TEAM PAGE-- I printed this pic below and am cheering you all on!!! So keep them coming!


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The buzzzzzzzzzzz...

The weekly Buzz from home office was sent out this morning! These are must watch and read updates. If you are not receiving these emails 2 times a month, please notify home office so they can get this fixed. These are so important and helpful for your business no matter what level your business is at. It keeps you informed, up to date on everything (including free jewelry opportunities), and super motivated in all aspects of your business. Staying up to date on these will save you time trying to find answers to all sorts of questions all month long. So go watch it today if you have not already :)
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Did you know? That if your hostess signs up after her trunk show, her hostess rewards in fact DOUBLE! Did you know? 80% of Stella & Dot hostesses that were polled by home office said had they been offered the stylist opportunity, they would have considered joining! Did you know? That most of the leaders on our very own team were Hostesses before they joined the stylist community? CRAZY FACTS! So lets look at your hostesses you have this month and plant the sponsoring seed. Give them the facts, tell them they would be silly not to give this a shot, and let me know make the decision! Here is the breakdown of ALL THE FREE JEWELRY if they signed up after they have a $1k trunk show this month!

$450 Starter kit jewelry
$500 Hostess rewards ($250 from $1k trunk show, doubles when they become a stylist)
$50 Hostess Bonus

*Starter kit cost $199

PLUS!!! If she goes on to sell $1k in her first 30 days, she is going to get:
$199 Starter kit rebate back
$250 in commision
$100 Quickstart free jewelry bonus
$100 Jumpstart 10% back in free jewelry

THIS IS INSANE RIGHT??? Who wouldn't want to sign up??

So on that note--- You can easily sponsor TWO before the end of the month which in return you will get the Summer Hibiscus styles for free! With our Jump on January incentive, if you sell $1000 from January 10th-31st you get the Summer Hibiscus Chandelier Earrings and 2 New Stylists reaching 1000 PQV in their Jumpstart for the Summer Hibiscus Pendant. Use Hostess Bonus Days and our January Sign Up Special to get you there! Trust us you’re going to want these styles; see picture below of your CEO and Founder, Jessica Herrin rock them beautifully!
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Other great pictures and charts to show the Stylist opportunity this month! Save these and share with your potential hostesses! I have been sending these with facebook messages to girls who I think would love the stylist opportunity! I have made it a goal to send 2 messages a day. It's little steps like these that make a HUGE impact on our business!
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The Flyer below Applies for hostesses YEAR ROUND!

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Lets share the Stella & Dot join ladies! DREAM BIG and I promise you big things will happen!
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Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Coaching calls

I would love to set up a time to talk about your business! I do coaching calls on Tuesday & Thursdays. Let me know what works for you! Cannot wait to work together this year!

Sara Michael Director with Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot Team--- Gem Fatales: The Golden Arrows

Stylists across the U.S. and looking to branch in other countries. Message me if you are interested in joining this amazing business opportunity!