~Mythology Around the World~

The Story of Creation of Different Myths Around the World


At the beginning of time there was Chaos. From the void Erebus appeared. Erebus is where death and night dwells. While they were there all was empty, silent, endless, and dark. Love was then born from bringing the order, and from love there was light, which created Gaea, Mother Earth.


The world was created from the corpse of a giant named Ymir. His blood was made into oceans, flesh was the land, bones were the mountains, teeth into rocks, hair into grass and trees, and lastly the eyelashes became Midgard. The brain was thrown up and it became the clouds, and the skull the sky.


Heaven began, and three idols appeared. "The Spirit Master of the Center of Heaven", "The August Wondrously Producing Spirit", and the "Divine Wondrously Producing Ancestor". When the land floated like oil, reeds sprouted from the land and then came two more deities. Izanagi and Izanami, whose names mean "The Male Who Invites" and "The Female Who Invites". With their greetings "What a fine young man" and "What a fine young woman", they procreated and made the population.


At first on Earth, there was Nun, a primal ocean of chaos which contained the seeds for life. With an exertion of will, the sun god Ra gave birth to Shu and Tefnut by himself. The god of air (Shu) and Tefnut (goddess of moisture) gave birth to Geb and Nut, the earth god and sky goddess. Thus the physical universe was created.

Differences and Simularities


- Made from an already living, ethereal being.

- All the stories explained the creation of the land, islands, rivers, and ocean.

- There is a contrast of powers of light and dark beings that work together.

- The stories origins come from about the same times.

- All of the mythologies have artwork that go along with it.


- All of the stories come from different cultures.

- The stories have different ways the Earth's land came to be.

- The myths have different type of beings as the "godly" type (Ex: Egyptian- half human half animal; Greek- Completely human)

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