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Meredith Lascallette

Do you think you need to go to civil court?

Here are some things you may agree with if you are thinking about going into civil court and need to connect with our law firm: do you have a complaint against something somebody has done? Do you need an arbitration or settlement of these problems? Do you need a jury to make a verdict on your case? Then it might just be for you.

What is civil court all about?

Well civil court starts with the plaintiff, which is the person who brings the issue into the court of law. The defendant is the person the plaintiff has the issue with, and is denying the accusations. The defendant is summoned to court and both parties submit their pleadings or their claims and defenses into the judge or jury. The trial then comes next and the plaintiff has to bring forward the preponderance of evidence in order to win the trial.

What else?

There is usually a pretrial conference in which attorneys and their clients meet and discuss their defenses with each other. Mediation is a good alternative to civil court, we provide mediation services where our experts at our law firm will help the two parties reach a resolution. If the civil court case does not end in the manner expected and the person found guilty in the verdict, the convicted can then go appeal the decision which will take the case to a higher court.

Civil Court Services

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