Elizabeth Fama

Author (Elizabeth Fama)

She only made one other book (Sept. 4. 2012)

Main Character

Emily is a fourteen year old American girl with above average heights for her age. She is quite possibly the only white girl in her area of Indonesia. She dislikes being with her parents, and wants to go back to America, but knows that's not possible. She is also capable of speaking some Indonesian, but her main language is English.

Determination... Perserverance... Sedulity...

Emily has to live with her parents in Indonesia. As doctors, her parents had to travel the world to help anywhere they could, but Emily was their permanent assistant. She then tries to leave to be with her uncle for a few days on the island of Pulau Weh. Unfortunately while traveling there, she gets stuck in 9 miles of water, and has to use her wits to stay alive.

My Review

Overall the story was good, but the sentence patterns bored me. With the overuse of simple connectors and sentences, my mind would wander off to another subject. I would recommend this book, but to a teenager in middle school.