The Man Who loved clowns

a touching story

the man who loved clowns

Delrita is a girl that sits in the back in the class and does not have many friends. She has but one friend and thats her uncle punky but he is a grown man with the mind of a child. After Delritas parents died and delrita was to take care of punky on her own.


A very upbeat spirited person Punky has a great loveing niece niece and a good life. Punky also has a mind of a child as a grown man that can't take care of himeself he needs his niece Delrita to come and help him.

This is a great book that always puts me in a great mood when i read it.


Delrita is a lovley spirited girl with a good thought for others but she has no friends. and as she is a good person and brings consideration from others she wanted to take care of her uncle because of the death of her parents.

Thoughts from the reader of the story and creator of flyer

This is truly a touching story and one of June Rae woods books to me and i enjoyed most of the book but i felt it could have had more thought in the emotinal thoughts. This book was good and sad with other mixed emotions and i was sad when it ended.