Working Conditions

How bad they were during the Industrial Revolution.

You're working long hours, 15 a day. There is no light and there are many people around you. Little children are scurrying beneath your feet and you trip. At that moment you black out. You wake up in the hospital with a missing arm up to your elbow. These things happened daily in the factory. Safety should be the first priority in the factories. One way to be safe is less workers at a time. Another is no long hours. 15 is too long. 11 hours should be the max. Larger areas and light fixtures would make working more safe and more efficient. Also, the tenants (small apartments) they lived in were terrible and were not fit for any workers.

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Children in Factories

It is unsafe for adult workers to work with children. They could be as young as 3 years old and could be harmed easily. It could also distract another worker and put their life at risk. They also used children in the coal mines and they were in more danger than working in the factories. But still, working as a child in the Industrial Revolution was no joke.

The Industrial Change

After a series of riots, strikes, and laws passed, the workers achieved more reasonable working hours better tenants to live in, and with the invention of the light bulb, gave workers a safer working environment. And achieved a law that guaranteed that workers would be safe and would be in a safe factory. This was called the "Workers Rights Movements."