Tuesday Tech Tips

FHMS, Volume 9, March 11, 2014

Cell Phones in the Classroom-Send the Right Message for Best Results...

There are may valid ways to use cell phones for effective lessons within your current curriculum. But first, you will want to establish some guidelines for these devices in your school & classroom. As we develop clear policies for our school, consider this:

44 Ways to Use Cell Phones effectively for student learning and engagement...

Top Apps for Phones to enhance & engage your students....

Sample Use Policy...What's Yours???

How Can BYOD Be a Good Thing?

With technology comes responsibility and PLANNING...BYOD is no different, although as we are beginning to transition to Common Core and 21C, we would do well to consider using this 'Blueprint' to build a strong BYOD connection...

Before we flip out over 'flipped classrooms', consider this.,.

Everyone has questions about the 'flipped classroom' and many of us are truly 'flipping out' over this...check out Lodge McCammon's approach

For a more comprehensive overview of 'flipped learning', check out Flipped Learning.com

Researching this topic has produced MANY results, some focused on the technology piece, while others focus on the management piece...here are 5 BEST practices you might want to consider before you 'flip' out!

Dee Moylan, FHMS TIL/ITS

Thanks for reading this week's Tech Tips...the next 'APPY HOUR' will be Wednesday, April 16, from 3:30 to ??? in the TIL room(151): Schoology for the 'Advancing' Instructor...we'll cover how to create assignments, discussion posts, quizzes, etc. within Schoology AND add Remind 101...look for a 15 minute screencast after break...please let me know how I can help with Infinite Campus or Schoology...


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