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Getting There

Madagascar is by far one of the best, now even though the island is beautiful getting there is the opposite. First, you have to fligh on a plane that's $5,945 for two people just to get there. Plus, the flight is 34 hours and 30 minutes[ ]. Now, even though that doesnt sound worth it, it is.

When you land, everything is diffrent, all you have to do is step outside the inviting airport to find that your surronded by luxurious hotels, sights, and other fun things there. After you land, you will be happy to find out that your rental car only costed you $23 a day[ ]. Getting to Madagascar is a pain but being there is free, tropical experence.

Where to Stay

Im staying at the Carlton Hotel. This hotel is the most beatiful hotel there is. It's so amazing that it has TWO resturaunts in it, and a casino, plus a luxurious spa. To top that, this vacationars dream has a nightclub and of course the best pool you will ever see in Antananarivo. And, the thing that matters most, the cost is by far too cheap for a 5 star hotle at only $201 a night. You can find this hotel on


Madagascar is packed full of fun and exciting things to do. And I'm not talkin about things to do for me, Madagascar is made up of things to do for everyone. To connect, a theme park is made for everyone to have their own adventure.


Come take a boat ride and drive on down to the nice and peacful beach Nosy Iranja. This beach is magnificent, it has the key elements to be a perfect beach. It is a beach to start, and it has the best view of the ocen ever!! And, if that doesn't fit your needs, then the beach also has a greate ocean in front of it that is calling your name.

Tour Of The City

Now, being in Antananarivo is one thing, but touring it is another. Take a tour of the capital of Madagascar and learn more about it than those who live in the capital. In this tour you will be able to see magnificent buldings, views, and will be able to learn a lot by taking this tour in only 3 hour


This an amazing park that allows people to go up close and play with 9 diffrent types of Lemurs. And, if you are those types of people that dont like to tuch animals, then you can stand and observe the cool, and unique things the Lemurs do. Plus, finding all nine types of Lemurs is by far some of the coolesrt and cutest things to do.

These are just a couple of unique and fun things to do in Antananarivo Madagascar. Plus, this is as place for more than one person to like, it's like a good old fashioned steak, everybody loves it!


Problem: One problem to traveling to Madagascar is your safety. Frist, there has been many reportings on people such as americans that are killed in sickening ways due to people beliving the people/person is bad.

Solution: A solution to this problem is to travel with a friend, or someone you trust and stay with them at all times. And, even if that doesn't help you stay away from death, then you can try to do things that won't set people off. Such as doing friendly and nice things.

Problem: Another problem in Madagascar is poverty. Poverty is a really big down factor in Madagascar and with it, that poverty can effect you and your fellow friends who go with you.

Solution: A solution to this poor problem is to not wear nice, and expensive clothes, shoes, and jewlery. If you do, make sure to stay out the poor places and stay near the wealthier and nicer places. But, a beach too could be a nice and easy place to keep those attractive things on.

History and Culture

Indonesians are believed to have came over to the island about 700 AD. King Andrianampoinimerina ruled the major kingdom on the island. But his son, Radama brought alot of the island together. The French were much help to the island ending the monarchy, by exiling Queen Ranavona.


About the Traveler

I have traveled to many places in the US and love traveling and this trip sounds like an absolute blast. Born in Colorado, I have never left the US and spend most of my time in Colorado. I love to go to Arizona so i can go and watch the baseball games and enjoy the nice hot temprature. I have recently visited Arizona, New York, Boston, and Chicago. I love to travel and can't wait to pursuit this trip.