KCS C&I Update | January

Resources to Support Teaching & Learning in KCS

Canvas Updates

  • Canvas New Rich Content Editor Update - on January 16, 2021 Canvas will turn on the New RCE for all users. This is a visual/functional shift to a better, more accessible editor that resembles modern editor controls. Click Here for resources to help you adjust to this new editor.
  • Grade Passback Update - after months of work and testing, we are excited to offer the Grade Passback feature to KCS teachers. Due to it's complexity, this feature may not be useful for all grade-levels/courses (K-5 teachers, please see note within instructions). If you are interested in utilizing this feature, below is a document with step-by-step instructions:
  • Grade Passback Teacher Instructions

Here are some ways to get more impact from planned learning in Canvas-

    1. Increase Engagement - utilizing features like discussions, group assignments, video conferencing, and collaborations, Canvas allows teachers & students to connect & engage with one another in & out of the classroom.

    2. Enhance Student Growth - Canvas allows teachers to provide choice & individualized instruction for their students, which enhances growth. Whether using groups, discussions, assignments, or quizzes to cater to multiple learning levels/styles/or SEL characteristics, teachers have a multitude of flexible tools to support individual needs.

    3. Unlock Student Potential - some students do not rise above the crowd in traditional classrooms and others have talents teachers never know. When teachers provide choices in where, when, & how students learn, communicate, and showcase their talents, students will grow beyond even their own expectations.

Be sure to check out the Professional Learning section below to see what support is being offered in the coming months to support Blended Learning & Canvas!

KCS Education Foundation Grant

The Kingsport City Schools Education Foundation generally focuses on grants to classroom teachers in amounts <$1,000, but is open to larger requests based on merit. Requests are for one-time funding of projects or initiatives that may be replicated as a best practice throughout the district. Grants are not to be used for training, travel, software, or technology with associated maintenance fees or other recurring costs.

Congratulations to Bryan Kerns, Kelly Hernandez, Wendy Harrison and Sarah Good on their recently awarded grants! The KCS Education Foundation is looking to give away more money to teachers - apply today!!

Professional Learning

Previous Professional Learning Resources

Below are some of the Professional Learning sessions held during December. For access to resources, click here to access our Archives page.

Upcoming Professional Learning Sessions

Click the image to access the PL Calendar, and below are our planned January/February Professional Learning Sessions:
  • CanvasCon recorded sessions are available - click here!
  • Middle School Math Symposium - 1/11 @3:15-4:45
  • Digital Tools - Nearpod - 1/19 @3:45-5:15
  • ELA Middle School Book Club- 1/20 @3:30-4:00
  • Middle School Math Book Study - 1/21 @3:30-4:00
  • K-5 ELA Curriculum Collaborative - 1/28 @3:45-5:00
  • ELA Middle School Symposium- 2/8 @3:15-4:45

Curriculum Updates

Literacy Updates:

Webinar: Connecting with Students Online by Jennifer Serravallo




Mathematics Updates:

Redefining What It Means to Be Good in Mathematics

Mathematics seems to be unique in the attitudes it brings out in people. Many people dislike mathematics, and many believe that they are just not born to be “math people.” Unfortunately, that harmful belief seems to have been passed on to many students. In truth, there is absolutely no evidence to support the idea that mathematical ability is based on a “math gene”. Mathematics has many dimensions, and there are many ways to be good at math. We now know that anyone of average intelligence can learn mathematics in a meaningful way if taught flexible thinking by building connections. Want to learn more? Watch Mike Flynn’s video, Redefining What it Means to Be Good in Math (8:26). The video can be accessed at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzjZXLyuj5c

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