Fun things in Tech Integration!

See the fun times that the students have had in Tech Int.!!

Some things you need to know

Asked questions about Technology Integration

Some people may have asked questions like "How is it fun? All you do in there is learn about computers and stuff." Well that's NOT true, we do more than "learn about computers and stuff" we actually do learn but you know like in a fun way! Computers are fun for some people but they are not for everyone, maybe people prefer Xbox, PS4, or they just don't prefer any of those. I guess they either like reading, drawing, or just enjoying the outside world away from technology (some people just don't enjoy/prefer technology at all).

Some of the fun things we can do in Technology Integration!

Some of the fun things we do in Technology Integration are: We can listen to music on our computers, phones, iPods etc. Although you need earphones (just so the people around you don't get distracted by the music genre that you're playing, they will probably judge that genre). We do awesome projects, and fun activities like getting on websites and creating projects, making something you probably have never done before, creating your own website, and lots of other things. Mrs. Gragg is also nice and fun! Other students have agreed and said the same thing! There are projects that could be hard but not that hard, trust me..most of them are pretty simple and easy, there may be new ones that we haven't done yet. None of us have gone running around listening to music like a maniac, or singing like a maniac, but other than that..things so far are going pretty good! By the way it's my favorite class, it may be yours too.. :)))).

Some rules in you need to know in Technology Integration

Technology Integration can be fun, but it IS still a class, and you are still in school, so just because you're on a computer creating or doing something, it doesn't technically mean you can goof off and not do you're project/activity, or activities. Get your work done before you go on something else. Mrs. Gragg will allow some free time on computers if you get things done, so if you want some free time on computers and go on any website you like (if the website is blocked then just get on something else obviously) except they need to be appropriate for school :)).