Let Us Tell Your Story

Term 3 2013

Your time to shine

At the Department of Education and Communities we know there are teachers who are doing some inspiring work using technology! We want to share those stores with others at the DEC in the form of a three minute video to demonstrate possibilities and best practice.

Eligible Technologies

Are you using one of these technologies or learning tools? Then you qualify for us to Tell Your Story! If you have something planned for term 3 or 4 that suits us fine too.

· BlogEd

· eBackpack

· Adobe Connect

· Video Conferencing (Connected Classrooms)

· BYOD (policy implementation)

· Google Apps

· eT4L

· Mobile device use


  • There is a limit of 10 schools for this project.
  • Schools will need to collect and keep permissions for students (http://bit.ly/DECPermission) to appear in YouTube for school promotional purposes.
  • No students under DOCs care can be involved in this project.
  • School and teacher names will be listed in the video.
  • Videos will include teacher and student interviews.
  • Video production will cease Term 4 Week 6.

The process:

  1. Complete the nomination form (self nominate or nominate one of your peers)
  2. Contact with selected teachers will be made by the Technology for learning team
  3. Filming will commence shortly after
  4. Once the video has been completed, a copy of the edited version will be shared with the participant and school before being made publicly available
  5. The video will be published on Youtube and linked to eT4L communications

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