Delaney Barnicle

By: Delaney Barnicle

All About Me

I have lived in Kansas City my entire life, I went to graden elementary, and I am 15 years old. My birthday is November 18th 1999. My hobbies include singing and playing piano. My part of ELA is reading and my favorite books are Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Lovely Bones. I have naturally curly hair.

Younger Me

  • I danced for 3 years, during preschool and kindergarden.
  • I hated dance so I did gymnastics from the middle of kindergarden through first grade.
  • I hated that too so I decided to play piano because my sister did and she liked it and I've played ever sense.
  • I was a horrible child and I always got in trouble.
  • My parents tried writing good girl on the top of my hand and bad girl on the bottom of my hand and every day I had to decide whether I would be a good or bad girl. (Usually i chose bad. It didn't work very well.)

My Family

My Actual Parents

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More About Me

Random Facts

  • This year I auditioned for the Kansas City Metro 9-10th grade honor choir and I was 1 out of 8 Park Hill South students to get in
  • My favorite movies are The Other Woman and Weird Science
  • My favorite restaurants are Luna Azteca, Olive Garden, and Buffalo Wild Wings.
When Will My Life Begin from Tangled!