security and safety


It's good to be connected on the web and be up to date with the world. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you put your information on the web. Or if someone can see your information. People can access your info in a variety of ways. By apps,emails, or even ads. Privacy is something that everybody enjoys and wants. But, in the web privacy isn't always certain.


Scams are schemes that people do on other people to gain information,money,etc. Anybody can scam someone by simply lying to make them do something. For example, people can write emails to others saying they are the FBI and need their bank account for a case. Then they might believe in it and give their bank info. This can easily be prevented if you just rethink emails and understand well of what they say. Just think of what is the purpose of the email or think of what the person wants. If it looks like they are trying to get private things like your address ignore them or lie.


To keep your account more secured, you should have long passwords. Never have anything simple that people can actually guess on. If you think it's to easy keep changing it. It's good to change it once every 6 months. But if you don't make sure your password is good enough so no one can go in.

User Agreements

User agreements are those terms and conditions you accept on when you make an account for something like Facebook.It's important that you read them even if they are long. A lot of people don't read them and skip thru. Some terms allow them to access things like your phone gallery or your private docs. To prevent this is to easily read thru.
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Hacking Prevention with Passwords