By. Cesar Del Rio

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My opinion on marijuana

Marijuana is not a drug, its a plant. Even if it was a drug it would for-sure be the safest out of any of them. Marijuana can help people with depression, pain, cancer, or what ever reason they're using it for. Marijuana also is a way to make fast easy money so if someone didn't have a job they could just sell and become a millionaire.

Should it be legalized ?

I think YES. First off ever since its been legalized in Colorado the crime rate has gone 12.5% wich is a BIG change. Others disagree that it should be legalized because they say,

"Marijuana acts as a gateway drug that eventually leads users to dependence on more addictive drugs."

This is not true. Marijuana is only a gateway to the fridge. YOU choose wich drug YOU ever do, marijuana has nothing at all what so ever to do with that.

FACTS about Marijuana

42% of the U.S has tried marijuana at least once.

If marijuana was legalized it would generate 14.7 billion per year.

In north korea marijuana is completely legal and not considered as a drug.

Marijuana is safer than peanuts.

Marijuana also looks beautiful 😍😻❤

Just look at it