Robertson Road School Library

Welcome to "Reading Together"

Who are we?

Our school library is managed by Mrs Atkinson, who is a trained and professionally registered school librarian. Mrs Atkinson is available during school hours to help you and your family with all their reading requirements. We can help you choose books for your child around their individual reading needs, interests and reading levels. We provide a range of quality, up to date material. Please remember to bring your family borrowing card to issue books. You may borrow as many books as you wish. They may be returned in the return slot at any time.

What can you borrow?

*Guided Readers at your child/ren's levels

*picture books

*quick reads chapter books

*chapter books

*graphic novels

*readers in Te Reo, Gagna Samoa, Nuiean,Tongan,Cook Island Maori

*non fiction

How to read together.

Read together when your child is not tired or hungry.

Find a special place to read together.

Keep your books together in your book bag.

Talk about the book/title/author/cover/blurb.

If the child is reading a library book, use the "five finger rule" to ascertain whether it is at the right level for them. (school readers have the reading level written on the back of them).

Pause,prompt, praise all through the book.

If you or your child gets frustrated, stop and take a rest. Come back to reading later on.

Make it a postive experience for you both.

We look forward to helping to make reading together a positive learning experience for you and your family.