Local poem artist

A child prodigy in poetry

About Connor Lathrop

Connor has been attending school at Sioux Central. His language teacher, Mrs. Newhouse, has started her students on a poetry project. The project was to write five types of poems that were listed. When Connor handed in his assignment he had substantial grades.

Connor Lathrop's poems

I wonder how the machine at the 711 in Massachusetts works,

Do the potatoes mix?

Is there any difference between the potatoes?

I wonder if worms feel pain,

Does it hurt when they are split?

If a worm is cut in half does it really grow back?

I wonder who invented world of tanks,

How did they gain success?

What inspired them to make this game?

I wonder what putty is made of,

Are there secret ingredients?

What makes it bouncy?

I wonder when I'll get this assignment done,

Will it take until 12:12 A.M.?

Will I get better ideas?

I wonder why I do some of the things I do,

Will I ever think about what I'm doing?

Will I ever not think about what I'm doing?

I Wonder!


I wish I had a chicken.

I wish I had some cake.

I wish I ate lunch.

I wish food would come faster.

I wish Salvador would get a desktop.

I used to eat unhealthy but now I don't.

I used to want to destroy people that pick on me.

I used to want the FV215b but now I don't.

I used I used to focus a lot about strategy, but now I focus even more,

I used eat salsa but now I don't.

Master Chief said the best,

He could not be beat.

Master Chief had a tour,

He could not explain what he endured

Lordconnor is so awesome,

He was really rossome.

Lordconnor was the best,

He couldn't even rest.


Baseball is awesome

Third base is the best base ever

That is where I play


March madness is full of sadness

My teams be bustin my brackets

Iowa is out

Makes me want to shout

The Final four will not be a bore

Rhymed couplets

My head is ready for bed

I wish I didn't wet the bed


Fast, quick

Jumping, spinning, turning

It is only for professionals



this is not a part of the poem, but this is one word I the gaming



‘From a town known Wheeling, West Virginia

Rode a boy with six gun in his hands

And his daring life crime

Made him a legend in his time

East and west of Rio Grande’