When We Wake

Karen Healey


Tegan Oglietti is in love until she abruptly wakes up 100 years from her time to find out she is the first person to successfully be awakened from a cryogenic state. It would come to a shock to any of us. The plot is very intriguing, the way Tegan speaks as if we should be wary of everything she is being told puts suspense into the novel. Tegan doesn't let anyone in her way an seems to be very blunt but also a likable person. I do recommend this book to whoever likes suspense, mystery, and love tied into one. Although I have many positive things to say about this book, the only thing I would have done differently is putting more detail into how society itself has changed after a decade.

Favorite Passage

"The noise went out all together, and the light brightened. I tried to blink it away. Eyelids. I had eyelids, and a face, and a neck and a chest. I tried to sit up, my hands flailing weakly at something soft. I felt like a fish out of water,flopping and struggling to breathe. Once, when he was home on leave, Dad took me fishing, and I caught one, and then I screamed and screamed when I realized the fish would die."

Character Poem

Tegan Oglietti

pale, slim, pretty

Abdi Taalib

scheming, spying, running

year 2128

I think she is mischievous, brave, and strong.