Should Smoking Be Banned

Yes it should.

Theres alot of request people have made to ban smoking but none are being taking in case. If we banned smoking we would be saving the live of smokers as well of non-smokers

"The tougher they're going to make it on vapes, the tougher it is people are going to find and actual vehicle fro quitting or as supplement to cigarettes." I think if they are going to ban smoking in any type of way they should help people who smoke to quit.
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"Jehly says from his perch at the counter "There is no need for it. This is working much better than patches, gum or prescription drugs." People think because it says it has little or non nicotine its better for you but in reality it still has the same amount of nicotine as a cigarette .Your basically just switching from one type of cigarettes to another

"laws in New York and Chicago making e-cigs subject to same regulations as tobacco are taking effect on there sellers and users are steadfast in there opposition."Banning e-cigarretts its going to cause a big difference to the sellers and buyers of e-cigarettes

we can start to ban smoking by starting off in small town and go from there. By banning smoking we can prevent teenagers to start smoking and have lees second hand smokers

"the ban is a Major topic at vinetts country store where a petition against it sits on the front counter and attack more signatures every day; at last count 1,200 people had signed in a town of 7,400."If they ban smoking there is a better chance that young people wont start smoking because all the new tobacco prouducts wont be around to catch there eye
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"The board found it hard to keep up with all the new prouducts like bubble gum flavored cigars,and strawberry margaritas flavored tobacco many of them aimed at hooking young people "

There is a lot of new tobacco products coming out that are especially made to attract young people. for example they are making e-cigarettes vibrant colors and candy flavored. These type of products are most likely to attract young people than audlts
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The tobacco industry is targeting young teens .Their main reason is ,if teens start smoking at a young age it becomes a addiction and will make the tobacco industry earn more money

"Newly released data from state health researchers show that will cigarette smoking among Florida youth has reached an all-time low.Smoke less tobacco use has been virtually unchanged for the past decade ,roughly 5.5% among high school students world wide."Most Grown up want to stop smoking for certain reasons causing the number to go down but on the other side teenagers think its cool to start smoking but don't realize it can become an addiction and it will make a big impact in there life .

"Adults think at least they aren't smoking "Hughes said .Yes cigarettes do cause more systemic damage to the body but smokelees taboccao dramaticaly increses the rick of oral cancer wich is a horribly disfiguring and a horrible way to die .In bottom line there's no safe level.I think the public isnt aware of the damage e-cigaretts it can cause .First we should be teaching teenagers what s the outcome of smoking in any form and what it could do to them and the people around them

"Recent product development includes colorfully packaged kid friendly flavors of tobacco infused candy,mints,gum,breath strips,and many more -all containing nicotine ,depending on the type they are designed to be held in the mouth chewed or sucked until they dissolve and the juices swallowed ."The company are targeting teens by coming out with the products.