World War I

The Effects of War

Scientific Development

Multiple countries developed biological weapons for killing other humans. For example multiple countries developed gases that would effect the human body in heavily negative ways. Eventually these forms of weaponry were banned from warfare by NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

The Toll it Took

Every country that had taken part in WW1 had been effect majorly in Politics, Economics, and Opinions. The country of Germany had to pay a large fee for attacking and practically starting WW1. After paying a large fee for starting the war Germany fell in to a great depression which in later years Hitler would use to come to power. Not only did the Germans have to pay a fee they also had to sign a humiliating treaty where they admit to causing the war.

No Mans Land

The area between trenches but people rarely survived running through it.


When you aren't directly hit by a explosive but the shockwaves hit you and shock you for a while.

Plastic Surgery

In WW1 people sustained horrible injuries and plastic surgery was just making its debut so doctors tried to use plastic surgery to make wounded soldiers look regular again but often times they'd look horribly disfigured.
Effects of WWI