A type of eating disorder

Basic things to know

•Body image is how you see yourself

•An eating disorder is any of a range of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits

Who are affected?

Many people are affected by this disorder. The three main types that are affect ectomorohs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs

Symptoms of night eating

• be overweight or obese

• feel like you have no control over your eating

• eat most of your food during the evening

• skip breakfast

• feel guilty whenever you eat try to eat most meals alone

Warning signs of night eating


• frequent trips to the store

•after dinner eating

•morning fasting

•food hoarding


•only 1-2% of adults in the general population

•6% of people who seek treatment for obesity have night eating disorder

•27% who are overweight by at least 110 pounds have night eating disorder

•possibility of NED running in family genetics

•most often a result of other underlying disorders

Tips to a healthy body image-

• appreciate all your body can do

•look at yourself as a whole person

•surround yourself with positive people

•treat yourself once in a while, just because

•remind yourself that "true beauty" is skin deep

Want help?

You can go to Individuaized nutrition therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy