Cape Fear

NC River Basin

The size of Cape Fear

Cape Fear river is, at the moment, 9,164 square miles and stretches through 26 counties. The total miles of streams and rivers located within the basin is 6,584. The current population that is near Cape Fear has a population of 2,072,305 people.

Why is Cape Fear so important?

In the mid 1800's, Cape Fear was used to hold ports Brunswick, Charlestown, and Wilmington. These ports were used for travel and mostly trade in the old days. Today, Cape Fear holds about 29% of the states population and is on of the four basins that is held within the states borders. The basins current use is transportation through the center of North Carolina; also used for its many natural resources.
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Whats the environment like near Cape Fear?

Cape Fear is home to many different animals such as the Red Cockaded woodpecker, the Saint Francis' satyr butterfly, and the West Indian manatee. While some animals can be seen all around the basin, there are also some endangered species as well. The American alligator and the loggerhead sea turtle are just a few to name.
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Are there any organizations working to preserve the Basin and the living things around it?

The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs both work together to save as many animals as possible and preserve the environment for animal habitats. The water quality in the Cape Fear river is slowly decreasing because of pollution and other human causes, however many organizations are currently working on making laws to control the amount of waste and harmful chemicals that is dumped into the water.
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What activities is there to do at the Basin?

Many people love to go cycling and run near the basin. While doing these two activities, you will be able to see many great sights and animals that live there. It is very common for marathons and cycling races to be held near this giant Basin.
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