Rot & Ruin

Johnathan Marrbury

Book Summary

Rot & Ruin is a science fiction novel, based upon a zombie apocalypse. The setting of the story was set 14 years after the zombie apocalypse, when one of the main characters, Benny Imura was looking for a job. Five months after Benny turned 15 he had found a job so his rations wouldn't be shortened. He had gathered a job hunting zombies with his brother Tom Imura that he sought to get to know. They had gone out into the ruin doing some work that had to be done. But later on when benny was getting used to his job, it had turned into a life or death scenario. This book is a Third-Person narrative told by the one and only Benny Imura. Will they survive, or will they die in vain?

My Personal Review

Rot & Ruin, was a good book because it really caught my interest with the zombie topic. It wasn't like a girl book that talks about shopping and perfume, it was violent and suspenseful. And I delighted to finish the rest of the Rot & Ruin Series.