John Bell

Former Senator from Tennessee

Senator Bell, the man to save the Union

Born February 15, 1797 near Nashville, Tennessee, John Bell was made his way to Washington, DC ready to make this country, our country, what it should be.

He served as a democrat in the House of Representatives, then as a Whig as Secretary of War under President William Harrison. He has come out of a six year political retirement to serve as senator of Tennessee and now is here to become our president if the people will it.

"Ring the Bell from here to Tennessee! America's savior is here to save the Union!"

Bell's views

Slavery or no slavery, Bell is willing to do whatever it takes to keep this Union secure.

Seeing what needs to be done and is willing to do it, he believes that seceding from this Union he holds so dear is not the answer. While Abraham Lincoln represents the republican party and Douglass and Breckinridge represent the Democratic party, Bell represents the Constitutional Union party.

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This message is supported by William Brownlow, Andrew Jackson Donelson, and Balie Peyton