Healthier Foods , Healthier Planet

By : Haylee , Cynthia, Danayah

Do you think we would have a healthier planet if people would eat less Beef ?

We think that we would have a healthier planet if we eat more vegetables like Broccoli Because Cows produce methane gas and that is a greenhouse gas and that is dangerous . According to a study , the average cows produce enough methane gas per year to do the same greenhouse damage as four tons of carbon dioxide .

Do you eat salads often ?

We think that if you would eat salads more and not Pork as much because pigs have a lot of toxic things in their body that could be harmful to us .

When is the last time you ate processed meat ?

We think you shouldn't eat a lot of Processed meat and eat more Real meat because processed meat contains nitrates and that puts your life at risk

Do you eat chicken ?

We think that you shouldn't eat that as much and eat more fruits and vegetabels because chickens are fed a lot of antibiotics and antibiotics can make bacteria become drug resistant

" Healthier Planet , More Healthier life . "