Job Description


What is a Sociologist?

A sociologist is a person who studies society. What is society? It is you, me, our families, neighbors, schools, workplaces, government, hospitals, the military, the media, and almost any other type of group you can think of. Basically a society is all of those things combined. If that seems like a pretty big “thing” to study, it is. Maybe that is why it takes 8-10 years of school to become a sociologist!


The median expected salary for a typical Professor-Sociology in the United States is $85,428.

  • Requires a doctorate degree in area of specialty, tenure, and at least 12 years of experience in the field or in a related area. (To have better job prospects, it would be within one's interest to acquire a Master of Arts in Sociology.)


Sociologists start research by organizing several methods of analysis, which includes a historical perspective of the topic, considering period-affected factors such as wealth, poverty or racism. The sociologist might try to understand what the past conception of the topic was throughout America. He or she then sets up a comparative analysis, in which they might compare racism in the countryside with racism in an urban environment. Next, the sociologist compiles quantitative research in the form of statistics, or polls.