Major religions of the world

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the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.


All Christians believe that the Jesus is the savior of the world and through him we see God.

Most Christians attend worship services at church on Sundays, which generally include singing, prayer and a sermon. Most Christian churches have a special ritual for ordination, or designating a person fit for a leadership position in the church. At home, most practicing Christianspray regularly and many read the Bible.

Nearly all Christians will have been baptized, either as an infant or as an adult, and regularly participate in communion (also called the Lord's Supper and the Eucharist). Baptism and communion are considered sacraments - sacred rituals instituted by Christ himself.

There are many holidays like Christmas,thanks giving ,Easter and lots more

Basic Christian Beliefs


The religious life of many Hindus is focused on devotion to God (perceived as Brahman, Shiva, Vishnu, or Shakti) or several gods. This devotion usually takes the form of rituals associated with sculptures which are at their homes

Hindu religious practices center on the importance of fulfilling the duties associated both with one's social position and one's stage of life. With regard to the latter, traditional Hindus are expected to pass through four stages (ashramas) over the course of life.

There are many holidays like for each puja, then the birthdays of the various gods like janmashtami, etc.


Buddhism incorporate a variety of rituals and practices, which are intended to aid in the journey to enlightenment and bring blessings on oneself and others. The practice of meditation is central to nearly all forms of Buddhism, and it derives directly from the Buddha’s experiences and teachings. Meditation is is the central focus of Zen Buddhism and the only way to liberation in Theravada Buddhism.

Buddhism Rituals


The important Jewish philosopher Maimonides made a list of the 613 commandments he found in the Jewish Bible. Jewish house of prayer is called a synagogue. They also believe that by eating koshor foods they can live with unity and identity.

They also believe in the Mitzvot which refers to the divine commandments given by God in the Torah.

Jewish Rituals and Festivals.asf


Islam is a monotheistic religious tradition that developed in the Middle East in the 7th century C.E. Islam, which literally means "surrender" or "submission," was founded on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

They believe that Allah is the one and true God with no partner or equal.

The five things that Muslims practice include a ritual profession of faith, ritual prayer, the zakat (charity), fasting, and the hajj (a pilgrimage to Mecca).

Islamic Beliefs and Practices